MetaBiz Educational Services (MES), in partnership with Monarch College (JM), provides an opportunity for students to Study and Work in the USA while completing their “top-up” of Diplomas obtained through MES partnered US or UK Colleges.

Are you from the Caribbean? Have you ever thought about living, studying and working in the US? Do you want to earn a First World Degree which will put you in a better position to provide a better quality of life for your family? If you thought about studying in the USA, you may have been deterred by the high cost associated with these US Degree programs. Many Colleges and Universities have expensive tuition rates, especially for international students who pay out of state tuition. Tuition rates have been growing steadily year after year, and this does not even include the added cost for books, health insurance, room and board, and transportation.

MES/Monarch College can help you “jump start” your dreams by completing one of our many programs that have been accredited by Universities and Colleges in the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US). When Students complete these programs, they receive a Diploma after which they will enter the second phase which is generally referred to as the “top-up” where they will complete their Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree with either the University of Derby or the University of Wolverhampton our preferred partners or they can chose from over 500 Universities worldwide. APPLY HERE!  


Distance Learning courses are 100% online and 100% coursework/assignment based. They have been designed to provide you with the skills required to make a difference to your own performance in any organisation.

Assessment in some course will be done through practical assignments (one assignment per subject), with no exams – to more accurately reflect the real working environment. There are other courses that have course mandated examinations.

Support: MES/Monarch College Tutors provides full support to each Student in a proactive way via email, Skype or telephone, the online messaging/communication platform at or  Tutors will assess the work Students have submitted for review and will provide with full written feedback. The online platform is fully equipped with all the resources required to complete the course.


Study Online or via Distant Learning   BTEC Level 5 Diploma and BTEC L7 Extended Diploma is delivered exclusively online to MES/Monarch College Students. Final year/s for the BA/MBA is done on-campus inside the US or UK or via Distant Learning. APPLY HERE!  


RPL is a method of assessment (leading to the award of credit) that considers whether learners can demonstrate that they can meet the assessment requirements for a unit through knowledge, understanding or skills they already possess and so not need to develop through a course of learning.

MES and its partner Monarch College recognizes that students may have earned credits from previous college attendance or through work experiences. MES will evaluate each request for RPL  exemption using any appropriate methodology, provided that the assessment requirements of a given unit or qualification have been met, the use of RPL is acceptable for accrediting a unit or a whole qualification. Evidence of learning must be valid and reliable. APPLY HERE!  


We have dedicated faculty members that are committed in assisting our undergraduate and graduate students to become educators, advocates, researchers and leaders in their fields. Undergraduates have 3 majors to choose from, with a wide variety of minors and concentrations that allow them to focus on a particular field within Education, Business or Hospitality. Our graduate programs span a wide range of disciplines, providing in-depth exploration in the fields of education and Business.   For a complete summary of what Monarch College and MES has to offer, Please see our online booklet.   APPLY HERE!  


MES/Monarch College Diplomas are awarded by Pearson BTEC Edexcel Of Pearson College, London –UK’s #1 Examination Body.

BTEC Higher Nationals are Internationally Recognized Higher Education qualifications that are equivalent to the first and second years of a university degree. Available in over 40 subjects, BTEC Higher Nationals are delivered at both universities and colleges in 58 countries around the world, and are an ideal choice for learners seeking a cost-effective and relevant route to their first degree or employment. This year over 100,000 students in the UK and worldwide will choose this route to help them progress in their career. APPLY HERE!  


Study with MES/Monarch College from anywhere in the world. Currently we offer a Master’s Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree option to students.

Our Bachelor’s Degree has four specialization options, which are:

  • BA – Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • BA – Business Administration And Management
  • BA- Accounting

Monarch College/MES Students pursuing the Bachelor’s Degree will graduate with the following:

  • Bachelor’s Diploma (L5 Diploma – UK)
  • Bachelor’s Degree

Monarch College/MES Students pursuing the Master’s Degree will graduate with the following:

  • Post Graduate Diploma (L7 Extended Diploma – UK)
  • Master’s Degree

The Bachelor’s Degree top-up is: UK (Hons) Degree in Business Management can be completed with our preferred parterner the University of Derby (Uk top 10 University) or students can chose from over 500 Universities WorldWide

The Master’s Degree top-up is: Masters of Business Administration (MBA) can be completed with our preferred parterner the University of Derby (Uk top 10 University) or students can chose from over 500 Universities WorldWide


Bachelor’s Degree And Diploma:  24 Months
Master’s Degree And Diploma:     24 Months



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