MetaBiz Educational Services (MES) in partnership with Monarch College is a Pearson BTEC approved centre. MES has been assigned Centre No. 90612 by Pearson BTEC. Pearson BTEC is the UK’s leading post secondary provider of accredited qualifications and also a major player globally. More information about Pearson BTEC and accreditation information is provided below:

Pearson BTEC are Professional, Vocational and University Examinations are from Pearson Qualifications International, a division of Pearson PLC, which also includes Pearson Education; Pearson Edexcel; Pearson VGU; and Pearson College, London.

Pearson BTEC qualifications are delivered at Universities and Further Education (FE) Colleges in the UK and over 100 countries worldwide. Similar to Community College model of higher education in the United States, UK Higher National Diplomas and Extended Diplomas are taught at FE Colleges in the UK as affordable alternative before students advance to the upper/senior year of university.  UK Universities admit students with the UK Level 5 HND onto Year 3 of a Three Year bachelor’s degree in similar discipline.  The Level 7 Extended Diploma (PgD) is equivalent to Year 1 of the master’s degree in similar discipline.

In the United States, the BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma was assessed by A2Z Evaluations LLC, at 65 Credits for transfer to a business degree.  The level 7 Extended Diploma was assessed as year one of the master’s degree in similar programs. A2Z is an approved agency recognized by NACES and the US Department of States to evaluate equivalence for qualifications obtained outside of the U.S for immigration and educational purposes inside the United States.

The UK HND and PgD are accredited by OFQUAL – UK Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation at ​
Pearson BTEC L5 Higher National Diploma     Accreditation Number:  500/8239/5
Pearson BTEC L7 Extended Diploma                Accreditation Number:  501/0998/4

BTEC (Business And Technician Education Council) was formed by the Secretary of State for Education and Science, United Kingdom, in 1994.  In 1996, the University Of London Examinations and Assessment Council and BTEC merged to form Edexcel.  In 2010, the name of Edexcel was legally changed to Pearson Education Limited (Pearson).  BTEC Diplomas are awarded by Pearson Education of Pearson PLC, Pearson College London and Pearson Edexcel. Pearson Edexcel, also known as just Edexcel, is one of England, Wales and Northern Ireland’s seven (7) examination boards. BTECs are accredited by the UK government through the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations (Ofqual) and are accepted by almost all US & UK Universities for advanced placement onto Final Year/s Of The Degree

At MES , our aim is to provide quality accredited distance learning programs from recognized and accredited Colleges & Universities in the US and the UK. Our programs provide the flexibility to study from home/work in your own time without compromising on the quality of your qualification.

With our online study programs, offered in partnership with Accredited US & UK Universities, Students can stop procrastinating the decision to get a degree that may have been eluding them because of that hectic work or family schedule.

All our courses are offered through Online/Distant Learning mediums. Our offices are located at 555 Fayetteville Street, Suite 201, Raleigh, NC 27601.

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