MES – Your Path to your Online Degree or Diploma

MES – Your Path to your Online Degree or Diploma

Everyone makes New Year Resolution, did you make a New Year Resolution to pursue a Diploma or Degree for 2016? Have you pushed it back to 2017? Let MES help you fulfill that New Year’s Resolution that will make your friends and family members proud.

At MES we are fully aware that for many, resolutions are made to action positive changes for ourselves in the New Year. When we think of career development, you may think of making small changes such as; working harder or working less hours, or even something bigger such as a promotion.

Most of us made New Year’s Resolution for 2016 and some will try to make a New Year’s resolution for 2017 or , but how many will make a commitment which could change our lives not just for 2016 or 2017 but for the rest of our working lives?

Taking on a university qualification may seem daunting at first, but it’s an achievement which will be with you throughout your life.

Psychologists have found we’re more likely to succeed if we break our resolution into smaller goals that are specific, measurable and time-based. Start with a discussion about your course and eligibility options, next step could be discovering whether funding is available.

Of course, with flexible online study you’re able to study at your own pace and most of the courses delivered by MES can be completed within 2-6 years.* But even these are broken down into levels, modules, units and lessons allow you to keep ticking of your learning over the weeks and months. Before you know it, you could be at your graduation ceremony!

So what can learning really do for you? Here, we outline five ways that kick starting 2017 can have a positive and immediate impact on your life – both in and out of work place.

1: Employers Value Online Study

Feedback from existing sponsors suggests that distance learners are often more committed and motivated individuals, and those companies who choose to sponsor them achieve a positive return on their investment – through identification of better processes, increase staff morale and retention of key employees.
Employers are known to show a lot of support to staff members who are looking to invest time in their own development. It shows extra commitment, dedication and a will to succeed – as well as making you an even more valuable asset to the company you work for. That drive for personal development can enhance your professional reputation and put you on the radar of influential people in the business.

2: Continuous Development

As you’ll be learning on a continual basis, you’ll be able to put new skills into action in your role every day. Students often tell us that they feel more confident when talking to managers or talking across departments after having embarked on a new online qualification as a result of acquiring a broader knowledge base. Not only that, but it helps reinforce the learning from the course itself in a real life setting.

3: Networking Opportunities

People often say it’s not only what you know, but also who you know. With online distance learning through MES you have the opportunity to interact with students from all walks of life and professions. These networking opportunities offer the chance to broaden your horizons, share insight and learn about how the basis of each course is used in a professional environment by students all over the world.

4: Priority Access to New Roles

MES offers an exclusive careers portal for all students, which gives you access to job postings before any job sites and lots of CV builder tools. Not only that but we provide videos with interview tips, hiring managers giving their top secrets, as well as A-Z tutorials for every day personal improvement. Online Learning courses provide you with all the tools you need to put your qualifications into practice and get ahead in the job application and interview process.

5: Earning Potential

Let’s face it, when it comes to professional development, earning potential is high priority. Statistics show that people with degrees have earned an average of £12,000 a year more than non-graduates since 2000 (Office for National Statistics, 2011). Aside from that obvious benefit, with Pay-As-You-Go options and student loan funding you could graduate with no student debt meaning that the extra salary gained as a result of your degree is not being swallowed by loan repayments.

What resolution will you make today?

At MES, we partner with US Colleges and are exploring the options to partner with UK universities to provide access to a broad range of degrees, masters and MBA programs by online distance learning. We are proud that with our help, many students have realized their goals and make a difference to the world around them.

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