What is Distance Learning

What is Distance Learning

We get this question and the natural follow up, Will it work for me? If you are reading this it means that you are already interested in, and excited by, the prospect of studying for a higher education (HE) qualification and that’s great news. The even better news is that there are more options than ever before to make that aspiration a reality. Online distance learning is one such option, appealing to many students for its flexibility and affordability. But what exactly is online distance learning and what can students taking this option expect from the experience?

MES has been helping to create countless opportunities for people to achieve their goals, so whatever you decide, we hope you find the confidence and motivation to invest in yourself through Higher Education, as we know it can truly change your world.

Changing your world through Higher Education

This guide is designed to answer these questions and help individuals explore whether online distance learning is the right choice for them. At MES we refer to this guide as The Big 4.

Every week we receive multiple inquiries from people curious about studying by online distance learning and there are 4 questions that are most constantly asked.

1) What is Higher Education distance learning

Distance learning is a way of studying for a Higher Education qualification remotely without the need to physically attend classes at college or university. Historically in the US and UK, this was done through correspondence courses (students being sent materials through the post), but as the internet has evolved, so too has distance learning and many courses are now carried out online. However all online study is not equal! There are a number of different factors which can determine your outcome, including the level of support you receive, whether tutors are qualified, your chosen provider and who the final certificate is awarded by.

2) What is the main benefit of studying this way?

The continuous development of the internet means that modern distance learning now delivers Higher Education on the student’s terms. For many, this is the biggest benefit – people love the flexibility to study online, around their career and remain in control of their lives.

3) How much will it cost?

Affordability is another benefit for many students, as studying online for a Higher Education qualification with a distance learning provider is a lot less expensive than traditional face-to-face courses. Prices will vary between providers but there are several key things you should always look out for and be aware of. Check out the ‘Making sense of money’ section for more detail.

4) Will I need specific qualifications?

Whatever the learning model, Higher Education is still Higher Education, so there will be eligibility requirements and assessment. What many people don’t realize though, is that work experience can actually count towards eligibility, particularly for masters and MBA programs. This should always be something you explore as if you have been working recently; you are probably more eligible than you think.

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